How many staff are on the camps?

Camp Kiah - staff: young person ratio of 1:4 (one staff member to every four young people)

Respite Weekends - staff: young person ratio of 1:4 (one staff member to every four young people)

All of staff are qualified within their profession and hold all appropriate certification and have completed training to work in Camp Kiah 

Are there themes to each camp?

Each respite weekend – is word themed. For example, "self-respect" and "compassion".

Past school holiday themes have been - "timeline of your life" and "breaking the mould".

All activities are sequenced and based around a particular theme and camp activity.

Is there any point in going to more than one camp?

No camp is ever the same, as they are all therapeutic development camps.


What is provided?

We provide:

  • Healthy eating and secure accomodation

  • Safe space within a positive environment for young people to work through their emotions

  • Modelling of social and life skills

  • 24 hour supervision

  • Transport to and from Camp Kiah from designated locations.

Age of children attending

7- 17 years old

What is the process to register?

Once you have registered online, an orientation pack will be emailed to you. 

Can my child stay longer ?

Yes, please enquire about our extend stay program

How much does it cost?

3 Day Respite Weekend camp $900 + GST

4 Day School Holiday camp $1250 + GST

What is Camp Kiah’s cancellation policy?

Camp Kiah requires three full working days’ notice of withdrawal from a school holiday camp or respite weekend in order to be able to provide a refund of fees paid or owed.

If less than three days’ notice of cancellation is provided, Camp Kiah will attempt to fill the spot that has been vacated. If the vacant spot can be covered by another child/young person a refund will be provided.

An administrative fee of 10% of the total cost of the invoice will be charged if a refund is possible.

If this vacant spot cannot be covered a refund will not be able to be provided and full payment of the invoice will be required.

In the event that a camp is cancelled due to medical emergency resulting in hospitalisation, no cancellation fee will be imposed.

In circumstances where a child or young person’s behaviour is severely affecting the safety of themselves or others on the camp, they will be asked to return home early. Please note that all costs associated with their return home will be at their guardian or funding bodies expense. This will include any staffing costs as well as any transport or accommodation requirements.