Camp Kiah

School Holiday Camps


Camp Kiah objectives and activities are chosen to focus upon building self-confidence and self-esteem for the young person. This is achieved by using therapeutic principles through physical movement. Each activity is designed for the young person to honour who they are. Each activity links in with the next step to build upon what has been worked through so far. It is a continuation of the process that allows a young person to acknowledge and work on their emotional and behavioural difficulties and observe new thoughts, owning their thoughts and enhancing their strengths.


Development of Self empowerment through:                                  

- Paint / Clay / Building/ Designing         

- Parkour / free running

- Symbol work    

- Martial Arts

- Stories  / Music                                                  

- Working with nature and the environment / Meditation

- Communication                                        

- Swimming                                               

- Friendship


Maximum attendance: 25 young people

Staff to young person ratio: 1 to 4