Out of this world

As requested or arranged


Out of this world is a personal experience where the young person gets full attention, mentoring and encouragement from leaders, to customise and actualise their dreams. The camps are conducted in carefully selected locations to provide the right environment for success. A progression and continuation from tier 2, young people selected for tier 3 will learn to take the lead. No two camps will ever be the same and there is no set format or schedule. The format and schedule will be selected by the young person with the guidance of their personal leaders from a menu of activities and experiences selected by the Camp Kiah Crew, in accordance to their chosen life's purpose. This is the final step in their actualisation as a 'dream builder' where the belief through direct experience is locked into the mind to create reality. 




- Develop pratical skills of how to

- Goal setting and strategy

- Leadership skills

- Life skills                                         

- Snorkelling  / Free diving                                                       

- Surfing / Relaxation

- Rock climbing                                                   

- Archery                                                        

- Horse Riding    


Maximum attendance: 5 young people

Staff to young person ratio: 1 to 1