Camp Kiah conducts a therapeutic based camp program for young people aged 7-17 years. 


All Camp Programmes and Respite Weekends, are all designed to focus upon building self-confidence and self-esteem for the young person, this is achieved by using therapeutic principles through physical movement. 

It all began with us choosing the name 'Kiah' – meaning a beautiful place. We all want our state of mind to be in a beautiful place. 

We want to create a place from which to build the dreams of the future. When we can find this place within and navigate the trials and tribulations that guard the door, we have hope, we have motivation, we cultivate self-discipline, we create confidence and a ferocious curiosity to learn. Our perception changes and therefore the world changes - in turn we change the world.

At Camp Kiah we believe everyone is equal, with a right to be seen and heard, more importantly to feel cared for. We are a different type of camp and we live by our Principles and Values.

Mission Statement

Nurturing individuals needs, creating foundations and encouraging ones inner ability for life. 



     Freedom to be heard / feel emotions

     Mindfulness, empathy and respect for themselves / for others


     Life Skills – emotional, practical and social




Empathy, Empowerment, Understanding, Kind to self / others, Endurance, Listening, Safety, Growth, Strength, Leadership, Accountability, Responsibility & Intelligence