Emergency Respite


Our respite program operates out of a house or apartment. The program is centred around the individual needs of each child and/or young person.

The approach we use will be to focus on building rapport and developing positive attachment. To create and role model health attachment there will be a small team built around the children and young people that will focus on creating moments and sharing experiences with them to enhance their feeling of belonging and safety. The other main approach is brain safety, if the brain is not safe, then rapport cannot be built. The brain feels most unsafe at night and this is why the same staff will be living/staying over with the young people during their time with us, to instantly reduce fear in the brain and the quicker the brain feels safer the quicker attachment is formed. This is imperative to the wellbeing and development of each young person.

Weekends will consist of fun adventures that include inside and outside activities with the family unit created as well as other young people (friends from school) or young people who are part of the Treehouse or Camp Kiah community.

Celebrating each young person’s personality and allowing them to feel a sense of belonging with people will occur, in the bedrooms set up, tailoring the weekend to their hobbies as well as supporting family contact.


The Program

·      Begin with a fun activity to create initial rapport

·      Building rapport will also build a sense of belonging

·      A safe comfortable home style accommodation

·      Children/ Young people can personalise their rooms to further add to a sense of belonging (Length dependent)

·      Support life and social skill development

·      Connection to a network of mentors and young people

·      Option to attend therapeutic school holiday camps


Included in cost

·      24 hour therapeutically trained staff

·      24 hour on call support and additional staff support

·      New experiences

·      Nutritious Food

·      Transport and petrol

·      Family contact supervision (if required)

·      Reports/Casenotes

·      Material items and clothing if needed

·      Weekend amusements and fun

·      Accommodation

·      Bedding and bedroom set up